Smartsheet attachment files stored in OneDrive

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I'm using Smartsheet to gather information through forms. People fill in a form, they add a picture in the submission, and all this gets saved in a sheet. Eventually, I receive rows filled with information in Smartsheet and for each row there is a picture attached.

I need these pictures not only within Smartsheet, but also in a shared OneDrive folder. My question is: how can I automatically export these pictures from the sheet in Smartsheet to a folder in OneDrive? Also: is it also possible to automatically rename the picture files to a name linked to the row information?

I tried working on it with Microsoft Power Automate, but I was struggling as I'm not an expert in this program. Also Zapier and Intregromat are new to me, so if these programs are the solution to my problem then please also explain how it exactly works.

Let me know if you have a solution!

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