Changing email's name sender



I'm having issues when people submit new requests through my Form.

I created a workflow to notify my peers when a new request is submitted but when a new request is submitted it doesn't show the person's name that submitted that specific request. Is shows the sheet's owner name.

My main question here is if I can change that? If, when a person submit a new request, it's name appears in the email and not the sheet's owner name.

Appreciate any help.



  • Dennis Knipfer

    My understanding is the automation email will show that it comes from the person who created the automation. I may be wrong and it could actually default to the sheet owner.

    If you'd like to have an email for the form submitter you'll need to manually request it from them. If the request is internal you can have a contact dropdown selector. If external you'll need to rely on the user to input their real email. You'll then include the email column in the automated delivery body, but it'll still come from automation creator or sheet owner.