People Are Getting Notification Multiples

I have a purchase request workspace on our departments Smartsheet. All is working great except for one major issue/annoyance. Anytime something is submitted, the manager receiving the request for approval receives anywhere from 4-7 requests. Anytime anyone receives any notifications from this sheet, they receive 4-7 requests.

It's gotten annoying and I can't figure out why this is doing it.

Basically, we have 6 divisions in our department. I have an approval flow set for each division. There is a condition that checks what management level submitted the request and then asks the level above for approval, then it continues to the next level up until the senior manager approves. So if a supervisor submits, then it needs to be approved by the assistant manager, manager and then the senior manager.

I'm drawing a blank on why these multiple notifications are being sent. Anyone have any idea??