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Hi Everyone,

I have an issue where I have a report that is combined from 9 individual engineer smartsheets. As the admin, I can see all 9 users sheets and the report looks correct.

However, when I emailed the report to my other email address to check it, the report shows only my own rows (because I shared my own sheet with my other email address). I double checked this by sharing another engineers sheet with myself, and that item now shows up on the report.

This seems completely insane that I would have to share EACH sheet with EACH user to allow a report to function correctly. Please tell me I'm wrong here.

I have to email this report to about 20 PM's and I want to avoid having to manually share each engineer sheet with EACH PM to allow access. Is there a way to set up the report so no matter who views it, they see the entire report and not just portions of it?

What my "user" sees (my other email address):



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    Edit - I realized after reading a couple posts why smartsheet does this, because if the person isn't shared onto the sheets that make up the report in theory they could change data on a sheet they don't have access to. I guess I answered my own question here.

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    Hi @Andrew1983

    I hope you're well and safe!

    Depending on your Smartsheet Plan, you could maybe use WorkApps. With WorkApps, they don't need to be shared to the underlying sheets.

    Would that help/work?

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic day!


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