Is there a way to pull a report or log for Automation Workflows?

I Have an Automatic workflow where once a new line is inserted it emails a contact but it didn't send 1 night and wanted to see if there's audit that it didn't run or if there was an error of some sort.




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    You can check the Activity Log for clues, but there isn't a specific log for automation.

    Did that work/help?

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  • Mark B.
    Mark B. ✭✭

    Is there any plan to make automation logs available?

  • I'm having the same problem. I have several automated emails for a sheet. On Friday when I tested everything worked fine. I changed nothing but today the emails are not sending.

    How can I debug the problem?

  • I struggle with debugging automation as well. One thing I learned that might help you is if you are sending notifications to distribution lists (not officially supported by Smartsheet), you have to ensure that distribution list is allowed to receive mail from external sources (since the emails come from Smartsheet, not you). This was a problem we had and once the external mail was enabled, all automations worked fine.

    Also, I have found automated emails can take as much as 15 minutes to process.

  • GrantKiwi
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    edited 04/26/23

    There are several conversations about this topic, but it's never made it to a feature. It's not a big deal, but it is a regular pain as whenever I try to test a new workflow there's no way to know if the workflow ran and didn't meet criteria or failed to run at all. If we were a larger organization I would be integrating with Power Automate to gain more control rather than using the excellent and easy (but un-logged) built-in workflows.