COUNTIF with Todays date changes on full sheet load



I'm having an issue when using =COUNTIF with a submitted date.

I'm trying to count the number of submissions to another sheet for; Today, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, and so on.

The calculation seems to be working, but the number changes very quickly after the page loads. For example, shows the count as 8, then switches to 1. (images attached)

After reading some other threads I am using a sheet summary for today's date in the hope that might solve the issue, it has not.

I am current using the formulars below

=COUNTIF({submit date}, [Todays date]#)

=COUNTIF({submit date}, >=[-7]#)

where [Todays date] and [-7] are sheet summary fields.

The issue has also happend using the below

=COUNTIF({submit date}, >=TODAY(-7))

This data is then being used in a dashboard which is often showing the number loaded initially which is not ideal.

Any help to solve the issue would be great



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