Access Control on Published Sheets

Since the latest feature update, I am no longer able to limit access to published reports to users only within our organization's Smartsheet account. It would appear the official KB from Smartsheet has not been updated either. Does anyone happen to know if this feature was moved or if it is gone now?

From Smartsheet KB: "When publishing a Smartsheet item, you can use the Access Control to limit access to the item.

  • Available to anyone with the link.
    • This will create a link that will allow anyone with access to view or edit the content on your sheet.
  • Only available to users in the owner’s account.
    • This will create a secure link that will require the user to log in to Smartsheet before being able to view the content on your sheet. Only users who have been added to your Smartsheet account will be able to view the content.
    • This does not include external users who have been shared as a collaborator to your Smartsheet item or to a workspace where your item may be stored. For more information, see Sharing.

Users in your Smartsheet account include licensed or non-licensed users that would be listed as Active users in your System Administrator’s Admin Center. For more information, see User Management."

New Publish Options Page:

New "Get Link" Page:

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