Alerts on project Milestones


I have a need to only get an alert when a Corporate Milestone is breached. Is there a way to only have this email me versus if any line changes in the plan? I am not seeing how this works and its frustrating. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.


  • Jen Lange
    Jen Lange ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Joe Prokop . How is the Corporate Milestone identified? With it's own column? Furthermore, how is a breach indicated? Unless you mean, when a milestone is reached, which is my assumption.

    As long as you have a column to identify when the completion of a milestone is reached, then you can create an automated workflow to alert you once this condition occurs.

    For example, if the milestone completion is identified when milestone rows have a status of complete, your workflow may look as follows:

    If this recommendation achieves your goal, you can learn more about automated workflows here -

    Let me know if this information is helpful. Thanks!