Print row as a checkbox function

My organization uses smartsheet to keep track of daily logs of employee groups, the organization we have to submit those daily logs to uses Procore, where I have to manually go through and print each row as a PDF, save it to a Box folder, then upload it.

My question is, can i use a checkbox to output a true/false condition, where if true, that specific row will automatically bring up the "print" dialogue to save the PDF of that row to be saved in its folder?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Dylan Noble

    There currently isn't a way in Smartsheet to configure the Print Row box to automatically appear when a row is checked. You could set up an automation to send the row to an email, but then you'd still need to extract the data some way and put it in your box folder.

    I would recommend looking into Zapier or another third party application that can connect Smartsheet with Box. It looks like Zapier may have a way of automatically creating a text file in Box based on a change in a row (see Zapier's Smartsheet and Box integrations here).

    Otherwise, you would need to manually export the row and upload it as you're doing now.