How do I fix the syntax in this formula to allow for a "convert to column formula"?

This is probably a really dumb question but I couldn't locate a debugging tool and I couldn't find anything in the land of Google, so now I am asking people way smarter than me :)

My formula: =IF(AND($[Partner Type]$1 = "MSP", MSRP@row > 0), (MSRP@row * (1 - $[MSP Discount]$1)), IF(AND($[Partner Type]$1 = "VAR", MSRP@row > 0), (MSRP@row * (1 - $[VAR Discount]$1)), IF((MSRP@row = 0), "Custom Pricing Can Be Arranged Through Your Sales Representative", 0)))

How the heck can I make it so that I can convert it to a column formula? I need to apply this formula to over 20k lines in the sheet, and I would prefer not to do it the hard way.

Thank you in advance!