Automation set up for email alert

Hello Smartsheet community. I am still a newbie to the automation process and cant figure out what I am doing wrong on my sheet to create my alert or automation. Here is what I am trying to achieve:

I have a dropdown (multi-select) column "Status" (pending, active, complete)

I would like to create an automation to send out an email to the email address in my "Primary email" column when the "status" has been changed to active or complete. I have tried to set up a trigger doing the following and it has not worked:

Trigger: when rows are changed

Condition: Where: Status is equal to "active, complete"

I would like it to alert someone (send to contacts in a cell) using the email address populated in the Primary email column (currently a text/number column) but its not allowing me to select that for an option, so I figured I don't have my columns formatted correctly to complete this automation

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