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I have 26 individual sheets that I want to roll up into a report. Each sheet collects data based on partner name, term(single drop down)and meeting type(single drop down). I have used a separate metrics sheet in past projects, but wanted to use Summary.

I have the following Summary Field Properties created on the sheet:

Partner; Term; Academic Partner End of Term/Year; Clinical Site Visit and 6 others meeting types.

I have the following formula in the meeting types: =COUNTIFS([Meeting Type]:[Meeting Type], "Healthcare Partner Meeting") This is giving me a total count of all meetings conducted that are "Healthcare" for all terms.

I want to count how many meeting types, by Term. Is there a formula that will identify the term (column) selection for each of the meeting types?

Additionally, this needs to roll up to a Summary Report, because it is a Summary Report the columns to select must be listed in the Summary Field and I need to be able to filter the individual meetings by the term they were conducted. So far, I have TERM in the Summary Sheet as a Field Property and I have left it blank but as a dropdown selection, hoping I can either select the Term on the summary sheet to calculate a total for the meetings and/or have the option to filter the term data on a report.

Can this work?

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