Formula help - Countifs, contains, and adding an OR function

Hi Smartsheet Experts:

I am working on a formula and have gotten stuck. I have a countifs formula, and I need to change it to count customers with either Product A or Product B (some have both) - I can't figure out how to insert an "OR" function into the formula without breaking it.

Right now the formula is actually written as 2 formulas: Status for Product A + Status for Product B. I don't want to double-count customers with product A and B.

Here is the current formula:

=COUNTIFS({Status}, "Completed", {Content Type}, CONTAINS([type]@row, @cell), {Products}, CONTAINS("Product A", @cell)) + COUNTIFS({Status}, "Completed", {Content Type}, CONTAINS([type]@row, @cell), {Products}, CONTAINS("Product B", @cell))

Any ideas?



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