Slow forms, DynamicViews, late emails

Hi community,

i am using smartsheet in my team and we have built a nice workflow web app with it. So far we are very confident with the various features of smartsheet but something is annoying:

  • I have observed that between 8 am and 2 pm US time the server get more slower
  • During that time: DynamicViews end in error. So when someone tries to change a Status and SAVE it, it doesn't save and end in an error
  • Form submissions don't work or take about 3mins or more until you can submit a simple form.
  • Workflow mails take up to 10 mins until they arrive

So my assumption is that this is due to some slow servers. Is there a way to enhance the quality and the speed? Cause we use it as a collaboration tool with about 200+ users and it's more and more annoying when more people come up with the same issues.

Thx in advance!


  • Hi @Oemer Faruk Aslantas,

    I'm also experiencing Dynamic View errors and don't understand why. The issue you are describing above may be the explanation. Really hope the Smartsheet Product and Marketing teams read your post and do something about it.

  • So update: it's now german time 9 am and it really feels like the system nearly crashed:

    I am in contact with the company smartsheet support but we really think that this is due to slow servers. Can someone please help me with this? It's a tool with 200+ collaborators so it has to be available

    Thanks in adavance!

  • Update here: So I have realized that the slowness is due to the size of the sheet. The more rows are added, the slower it gets in real. So I have deleted some rows and it got a little faster in total. Is there a way to save the old data somewhere, i.e for reporting?

    Best Regards, Thx in advance

  • and my sheets crashes after about 1000 rows. I already got an error with: reduce your formula in your sheet. Isn't there any other way to speed this up?