Return unique values while ignoring blanks.



I'm trying to find a function similar to vlookup or index that will return a unique value where there are duplicate search values. In this example, individuals book a desk on a given date. Since form submissions create a new row, the bookings flow in like this:

Sheet # 1

My goal is now to collect these bookings on a separate sheet, this time organizing bookings by date. For example:

Sheet # 2

Since there are multiple bookings on the same date, traditional vlookup functions, data mesh, and others I've tried do not seem to work. I last attempted this function that I borrowed from a google search to extract only unique values. Working only within the "Desk 1" column, for now. I replaced named ranges w/ column names here to help things make sense.

=IFERROR(INDEX({Sheet # 1 [Desk 1]}, MATCH(0, COUNTIF(Date@row, IF({Sheet# 1 [Date]} = Date@row, {Sheet #1 [Desk # 1]}, Date@row)), 0)), "ERROR")

This function returns "ERROR" every time. Any thoughts/improvements? Would SS Pivot accomplish this same task?



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