Mobile apps file upload over 30mb?


I'm setting up a system where we record short videos on a mobile, and upload them to a sheet using a form on the smartsheet app. This is to get round the lengthier process of plugging the phone in to a computer and uploading it via windows to the smartsheet.

However it seems that the form via the app (both IOS and Android) and the Apps directly to the sheet both are limited to 30mb, where as the desktop version is 250mb.

Now I've found that If I uninstall the android app and access smartsheet via the phone browser on Desktop Mode that it allows me to log in as I would It would on a desktop, and attach larger files to rows. This of course is quite a messy method to 'easily' attach short video files to a row.

Are there any other methods of using a mobile device to directly upload video files of 150mb~ to a grid that doesn't involve going going through the normal 'browser' interface?