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The below form was built that when it is approved you will have 3 email alert notifications (i.e. 1. facility lead contact email, 2. HR contact email and then a set of 3. recipients). Would you be able to show me how I can use the HR contact email in the workflow noted below when a form is approved. When an approval occurs, I have one alert for the 1. Facility contact email (send contact in an email) and would like to do use the same (send contact in an email) selection for 2. HR contact email to send a notification when an approval happens. However, when I select “send contact in an email” I am unable to select HR contact email. Does that make sense and could you aid in a workflow where I can send 3 alerts to 1. & 2. two separate individuals and a 3. group of people?

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Thank you.

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    Note I was able to get the second auto alert notification to "HR contact email". The issue is the notification alerts are not being received by the last 3 groups.

    Workflow Example

    A. Form submitted

    B. Approver receives notifications and approves.

    C. The following groups are not getting the alert notification:

    1. Alert contact in cell "Facility lead contact email" NO EMAIL NOTIFICATION GENERATED
    2. Alert contact in cell "HR contact email" NO EMAIL NOTIFICATION GENERATED
    3. Alert specific people (several email will be here but the test one is not working) NO EMAIL NOTIFICATION GENERATED

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    I see that you have opened a ticket with Smartsheet Support. At this time, this is the better route to take for your specific question.

    Have a wonderful day~ Cheers!