Is it possible to change the "sender" for an email alert?


I would like to set an automated alert (reminder) and want to avoid a lot of replies...

So is there any possibility to change the sender into a general email-account or any other work around to avoid replies?

Thanks in advance and happy weekend!



  • Jennifer Oberski

    This is a constant concern for us as well. Our team will build automations and workflows for users of a solution and then their names will be attached to the alerts that generate. Even if we call out who to direct correspondance to in the email, its quite often we end up with the replies we then have to forward.

    One of the recommendations i've seen was to change the email of the individual building the alerts/automations to a different general email, however that won't work for our security setup and if they forget a password that leaves us having to unlock accounts manually.

    Interested in any other work arounds others have!

  • Linda Linton
    Linda Linton ✭✭✭✭

    I have this issue as well.