How to keep a cell blank if there is no data?


I have two sheets a master (2800 records) and a feeder (270 records). I am using the following formula to update a column called scheduled date on the master:

=INDEX({feeder06262021 Range 1}, MATCH(IP@row, {feeder06262021 Range 2}, 0)) 

Which works bringing the date in, however the majority of the cells on the master sheet are not found in the feeder and the results get posted as #NO MATCH. Which I don't want to see. I would like to the cell to be blank or have the date from the feeder. So how do I incorporate a IF THEN or some sort of true statement to achieve what I am looking for, either a date from the feeder sheet or just be blank?


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  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @ed.jaro

    You should be able to use the IFERROR function to keep the cell blank.

    =IFERROR(INDEX({feeder06262021 Range 1}, MATCH(IP@row, {feeder06262021 Range 2}, 0)),"")

    Notice your entire formula is wrapped within the IFERROR.

    Does this work for you?



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