Daily Emails / Sheet Change Emails Time

Nick Burrus
Nick Burrus ✭✭✭✭✭✭

We're having a client, who pays around $40k a year to Smartsheet looking at alternatives now, because the emails are getting out of hand and being at 11pm. So they're being bombarded with a ton of alerts waking up some on-call employees in the middle of the night.

They WANT the emails to STAY the same. So no suggestions for "using digest" they don't want that, they're happy with the email format as is.

They WANT to be able to have it email them at 7am for "sheet updated" etc emails. Not at 11PM PST time every night.

We tested this on about 9 different clients all using Smartsheet, everyone gets the alerts at 11 PM PST time.

there have been over 40 threads with feature requests similar to this in the archive.

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