Teams Integration - Free user cannot add Teams integration in notification settings

Our org "lives" in Teams, so the integration from Smartsheet was a masive selling point.

However, one of our Free Users is unable to integrate with Teams. In the personal settings/notifications, the checkboxes to add Teams is not appearing. When attempting to add in Teams integration, she only sees "Learn More" then is redirected to the following URL.

Our IT has already approved the teams bot for all users in the org, so she should be able to connect to Teams. Am I missing something?


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  • Patrick Byck HS
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    Hi @Genevieve P -

    Thanks for your reply. It turns out that I (apprently) cannot read properly, and did not instruct the free user to input "allow access' to the Smartsheet chat in Teams.

    We have now successfully connected Teams for all of our free users in our org.