Copy auto number field to another field in the same sheet

I want to send data from an Auto-number field in Smartsheet to Salesforce, since it is a read-only field it is not possible so as a workaround I want to copy Auto-number field data to a 'text field in the same sheet (which I should be able to map it to Salesforce fields). I can use a ( =[Column]@row ) formula to copy manually but I want it to be an automated process, the same formula doesn't work in Automation/workflow. Any help would be really appreciated.



  • If I'm understanding correctly, you should be able to use that =[Column]@row function, then right click the cell and select "Convert to Column Formula". This will add a little fx symbol to the top of the column.

    What this does is automatically enters that formula in every row in that column, so you shouldn't have to manually enter it every time.

    Sorry if I misunderstood!