Incorrect field value in email with Smartsheet automation



I see an issue in automated email if we use a Date column with formulas.

In my sheet, I have a Date type column (CreatedDateTime) with formula =Created@row+"".

So, When a row is added, this cell shows the Date and time based on timezone selected in Account->Personal Settings. e.g. 06/23/21 6:27 PM

I am in GMT+5:30 timezone.

Now. I have the Automation to send email when a row is added. I have selected this CreatedDateTime column also as field value to include in email.

The issue I see is, CreatedDateTime column in the sheet shows the time based on selected Timezone.. but in the email the value for this field is based on US time zone. i.e. 6/23/21 5:57 AM

How to avoid this data mismatch ?

BTW, It works fine if I directly pick the Created System column field for the email.

Formula mentioned above for CreatedDateTime is simplified version of my actual formula. So, using System column will not work for me.




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