Hi, is it possible to query the Activity Log w/functions to detect when a change to a cell was made?



We are working on a work intake tracker that has fields like [Project Create Date] and [Project State], among many others. We want to track how many days a Project State] has the value "Not Started". This calculation must stop once the [Project State] changes from "Not Started" to another state and only when this type of change happens. We plan to use the NETWORKDAYS to accumulate the #days each day the [Project State] stays "Not Started". We were thinking if there's a way to query the Activity Log (or cell history) programmatically to find out the event where [Project State] changed from "Not Started" to <some other state> then we could leverage that in our formula.


IF <event in Activity Log > ="Project State: Not Started to: <something else>", NETWORKDAYS([Project Create Date],<change date from Activity Log>)-1,NETWORKDAYS([Project Create Date] ,TODAY())-1