Suppress Report Grouping If Blank


I've create a report that can be ran by each member of my team that pulls all assigned tasks, both project-specific and non-project-specific tasks, assigned to them. Due to the limitations of Smartsheet's current reporting functionality with not being able to see the parent task that the children task is specific to, I'm using the =PARENT([Task Name]@row) formula in each project plan and pull the parent task into the report and have it grouped by Sheet Name and then Parent\Child so child and parent tasks can be together. The problem i have is non-project specific sheets don't have parent child relationships, as each individual task is assigned to someone in a grid-type sheet, so the report shows a blank row in the hierarchy if the task isn't a subtask. Attached screenshot provided.

The report works as intended if the task is a child to a parent task. Is there a way to suppress blank rows in this situation? Thanks.

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