Filtering report

I am trying to filter a report that uses a second sheet that has a list of customers and their salesman.

The list sheet is just two column as shown in the picture above. Contractor name and the salesman assigned to their account. The sheet I am trying to filter, has all the contractors on a job listed in a single column.

Is it possible to setup a filter for the main sheet based off the helper sheet with how I currently have it setup? I am trying to make this report "dynamic" for viewing on a dashboard and have it filtered down to each salesman's customer list so they don't have to go looking at each job.


  • Hello @Travis Myers,

    At this time, it is not possible to Filter a Sheet based on values within a different Sheet. You may want to consider having all the needed data in a singular Sheet. You can perform this action using either Cell Links or Cross Sheet Formulas. Using formulas will typically be the more dynamic way of achieving this. I recommend looking into using any of these Functions when creating your Formula to retrieve data from another Sheet: INDEXMATCHCOLLECTJOIN, and CONTAINS. Once this is done, you can create a Report based on the single Sheet.

    I hope this helps!