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I'm trying to set myself yearly and monthly reminders, based on the "When a date is reached" trigger.

I would like to have one column called "Frequency" where I can choose either "monthly" or "yearly". I then would have two additional columns one that says "day" and one for "month".

For example, if I want to get a reminder every year on July 5th. I would choose "Yearly" in the frequency column, then I would select 7 in the "month" column and 5 in the "day" column.

If I would just want to get a dropdown on the 5th of each month, I would choose "monthly" as my frequency and leave the month column blank and write 5 in the day column.

I would need a hidden column that would pick up the Month and/or the day, look at the frequency and calculate the correct year and/or month. The automation would look at that hidden column and whenever a date is reached, it would trigger the automation.

(Please note that setting up separate automations is not an option as I have about 100 automations I want to set up. Bell reminders wont either work because I don't want to be busy changing them.) Thanks!

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  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi Renee,

    Insert a checkbox helper column [remind] with the formula:

    =IF(AND(OR(month(today())=month@row, isblank(month@row)), day(today())=day@row), 1, 0)

    Set your automation to send a reminder when [remind] changes to checked (1).



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