Dashboard Issues


Anyone else having issues with the Dashboards? We hop to one and the page keeps trying to resize and we can't edit. It doesn't happen with all of the dashboards and it's been going on for about a week.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Kelly Richard

    The one time I've heard of this happening was when the Dashboard is a very specific size, right at the spot where the browser potentially needs a scroll bar, but not quite. In this instance the browser window jumped back and forth between adding a scroll bar, which caused the widgets to re-size on and off.

    If you're able to, can you add a widget down below your last widget to make the Dashboard longer, and does that help? What about zooming in and out of the browser window? If this doesn't help, what browser are you using (and what version), and does this occur on a different browser? Do you have any browser extensions enabled?



  • Kelly Richard

    I'll have my coworker who is experiencing the issue try this. Thanks!