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Is a user able to re-order the rows displayed in their Dynamic View? If so, does this affect the data in the sheet?

In this specific instance we are using Dynamic view to capture status of projects. The user wanted to be able to highlight a specific status by moving it to the top of the other data. We were able to swap the status' by manually copying the data between rows just thought re-ordering might be useful.


Robert Meisch



  • Hi Robert thanks for reaching out!

    A user cannot reorder the rows on a Dynamic View. In a scenario like you described, I'd recommend the user builds a filter for themselves (there is a filter button just below the title of the particular Dynamic View) based on how they'd like to organize the data.

    I'll give your feedback to the Dynamic View team on the desire to re-order rows right in Dynamic View. Thanks again! / Travis

  • Robert MeischRobert Meisch ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks Travis!

    Another Idea I was given was to provide an "Order" Column so they can number the entries themselves as these are being displayed on a live dashboard so I can organize them by the "Order" Column in the reports feeding the dashboards.

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