New Work Life/Reality is now Staying on the Same Sheet

Maxwell Griffith
Maxwell Griffith Employee Admin
edited 06/16/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello Smartsheet Community, 

After over a year of working through new challenges and adjusting to a “new norm” when it comes to the way we work, we are now transitioning this group to “Staying on the Same Sheet”. We want to hear from you on the ways your teams continue to evolve as the way we work transforms. Whether you are working back in the office, at home part of the time, or staying remote, we are all striving to Stay on the Same Sheet

This category is intended to allow you to share your solutions and stories of success with Smartsheet, highlight new ways that you continue to make Smartsheet an integral part of your work and life, and connect with other Candoers!  

If you have any questions about this update please feel free to put them in the comments below! 


Smartsheet Community Team