how to record a timestamp based on a condition

Hi, I have a process that needs to be reviewed by a certain time. the reviewer will tick the reviewed box once the work has been reviewed. I want to record the date with the time that was reviewed once the check box has been ticked. i see that smartsheet doesn't have this functionality, so i tried a workaround that someone suggested by created a sheet to copy the row once the checkbox has been ticked and using the system auto number date created function and then index matching back to the master sheet. for some reason, this only returns the date without the time. is there any way to resolve that?

this is the copied sheet with the date and time stamp

this is the formula I'm using to index match back to the master file

=INDEX({Date Reviewed}; MATCH([Unique reference]@row; {Unique reference}; 0))

the formula works but returns a value with date only, no time

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