Using Flag Symbols with IF Statement and Form


I have a Smartsheet form feeding into a spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, I have this formula to showcase a red flag if any form request due date that is within 2 business days.

=IF(ISBLANK([Due Date]@row), 0, IF([Due Date]@row <= TODAY() + 2, 1, 0))

I also have 2 auto-numbering rows for:

  • ID - generates a sequential #
  • Creation Date - generates the date/time

ISSUE -- I want copy the above IF statement on all rows so that when a new request arrives, the flag is already shown. When I do this, the auto-numbering rows populate, which I don't want to do.

Is there a way to get around the auto-numbering if I want to copy/past a formula like the above down the rows? I'm already using a the colored circles so I cannot utilize that symbol. Otherwise, I'm open to other symbols.



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