Count if NOT BLANK


Hi. I am trying to write a formula with multiple criteria to for my metrics sheets; however, I'm not sure how to add this one count if not blank.

This is my current formula:

=IFERROR(COUNTIFS({OHCA Form - Agency}, $Agency@row, {OHCA Form - Review Complete}, "Medical Review Complete", {2020 OHCA Form - Etiology}, <>"Trauma", {2020 OHCA Form - Incident Date}, ISDATE(@cell), {2020 OHCA Form - Incident Date}, YEAR(@cell) = $Year@row, {2020 OHCA Form - Incident Date}, MONTH(@cell) = January$1, {OHCA Form - Outside of Target}, CONTAINS($Metrics@row, @cell)), "--")

Where I want to add the NOT(ISBLANK) is on the last portion {OHCA Form - Outside of Target}, CONTAINS($Metrics@row, @cell). I want it to count the metric @ row IF it's not blank. I've tried several things, but my syntax is wrong.

Thank you for any suggestions/assistance in advance.





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