Copy Row Automation not working on linked sheet


I saw a thread about this, but wanted to put forward my own situation as it seems a bit different.

I am looking to automate some of our employee offboarding. I currently have a source sheet of employee data (Employee Database) which has a lot of sensitive data. I have set up a "helper" sheet which uses INDEX/MATCH to pull only relevant data into the sheet. The final destination for the information is a Termination Checklist which is accessed by multiple departments. I have set up an automation in the helper sheet to copy the row over to the Termination Checklist based on a termination date being entered. I've read that this can't be triggered by information in a linked cell. So I set up a helper column with an =@row formula. But in the same thread someone was saying that it requires manual saving of the helper sheet?

So, in my instance, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it won't pull the termination dates, sometimes it won't copy over at all. I just don't understand the random nature of the error. Anyone else had this experience?