Pinned Recently Opened now sorting by last opened and it is horrible

Answered - Pending Review

Today I saw that my pinned recently opened sheets and reports were now a jumble. I sorted them back out and as soon as I clicked one to open it zipped to the top. This change is not really welcome and I would love the option to change if these are sorted at all. Having an active list like I used to made many things much easier. Now it is just a grab bag with no rhyme or reason. It really just breaks the use of them being pinned.

Anyone else use the Recently Opened in this way or run into a similar issue today?


  • I fully agree. I don't like them being ordered by recently opened. There's not much point in pinning a sheet if it is essentially a recently opened list. I wish we could easily drag the pinned sheets into the order we want them and have them stay that way.

  • Exactly! It would be the same if I just left them in the listing. Now it is a pinned ever changing list. I cannot fathom why they would make this change.

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