depanedant dropdown list in smartsheet forms

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Hi all,

as discussed here

I am looking for the ability to have an depandant dropdown list in smartsheets forms.

e.g. if the employee select his company only the associated departments should be shown to be selected.

By the way, appsheet on top of smartsheet is able to do this, but I would like to get this only by smartsheet core functions.



  • Hi @Joachim Mund

    Conditional Logic in Smartsheet forms is currently only available at a column level; for example, you could set up multiple, separate columns for each company. Then when a company selection is made only these column fields appear.

    Another option would be to set up multiple sheets/forms (one for each company with the values restricted) then use a Report to aggregate the data into one master document.

    However, as you've found, Smartsheet forms cannot change what values appear in one drop-down selection. Please let the Product team know about your request and feedback through this form, here.



  • Forms conditional logic is great, but when will this be available in the grid view?

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