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I'm trying to assign a task to one of my team members (there are four).

Every time a new project is added to the queue, instead to manually add one of them, i would like one randomly chosen person among them four. Can you please help me to get this?

Thanks in advance!




  • James Keuning
    James Keuning ✭✭✭✭✭

    Are your project numbered and how many are there?

    I would repeat my four names over and over in a column. Then use a random number generator from the internet and paste those numbers in. Do this for a few hundred records.

    Then sort by the random number.

    The result will be your four people in random order. You can add another column with your incrementing project numbers and just look up to this sheet when you create a new project.

  • Bob Kahn
    Bob Kahn ✭✭✭

    Hi Alberto,

    James' solution would definitely work, but here is an alternative: If you are good with assigning tasks round robin where task 1 goes to person 1, 2 to 2, etc then task 5 goes to person 1 again you could do this:

    create a separate sheet with the list of team members and column for a Row ID

    Then add two columns to the sheet with the intake form, one is Row ID which is an Auto-Number the other is a contact column with the following formula: =INDEX({contact}, MATCH(MOD([Row ID]@row, MAX({LU})) + 1, {LU}, 0)). /* {contact} is the Team Member; {LU} is the Row ID Lookup.

    This is also flexible if you want to add or delete team members to the Team Assignment list as long as you keep the "Row ID Lookup" in sequence.

  • I appreciate your answer and your time, sorry it took this long to answer you back.

    Im afriad i tried and it didn't match exactly what i was trying to,

    Thanks again and Regards,


  • Hi James,

    Thanks a lot for your answer that took me this long, i apologize for that.

    I guess there are so many exceptions i cannot deploy this recommendation... i have been doing this manually as per the exceptionallity of the scenario.

    Anyway thanks!!!


  • Carmen R
    Carmen R ✭✭✭

    I am following this step by step and it still comes back as "#unparseable".

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