Adding a checklist to a row

We keep our projects on a row-by-row basis. So, we keep all the information regarding each project in the row. We communicate about each project using the message tab on the row and keep all documents related to each project using the attachments tab in each row. The only thing I would love to have is a 'checklist tab' for each row, to keep track of what will be needed for each project, and to check off the items that are completed as they are completed. Any "add-ons" that might help or a good idea for a workaround? (the only workaround that comes to mind is having a column each different possible task, but this would be much to cumbersome and unwieldly).



  • Sandra Guzman
    Sandra Guzman ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 08/04/21

    Hi @BakaMentsch,

    You can add rows beneath each row to track the checklist items, indent them so that you can still collapse the main project rows. At lest this will minimize the need to scroll to the right. You might want to add a checkbox column to indicate that the item on the checklist was complete. Otherwise you can leverage existing columns if there is something there that exists.

    All the best!