New projects not appearing in Report


This must be a user error on my part but I can't figure it out. I have a folder with ALL active projects. That folder is references in my projects status report. However when I add a NEW project, it doesn't automatically populate the report. I need to go in and manually add the new project (Actually, what I do is recheck the entire folder again and that works.) Surely there is a way to let this be automatic, right?

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  • Stanley Blume
    Stanley Blume ✭✭
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    The only workaround I have to this is by making the folder a workspace. Workspaces allow reports to auto update with new projects under them, this will happen for all folders within the workspace. My team uses about 6-7 workspaces instead of folders. Then we move sheets to an archive workspace when we don't want them to appear anymore.

    If a report references a folder, then you manually have to update when new reports are created.

    This link goes into more detail about workspaces: