Multiple formulas in a cell


Formulas are definitely not my strong suit. Any help would be appreciated. Screenshot below. Thanks. Elaine

I am calculating mileage reimbursement for work and cannot claim any miles for my normal commute to/from home to any work appointments.

If 'home' is entered in cells B16 or C16 for From/To, then I set up my formula to deduct my normal miles to work in C10. The formula in my Miles Traveled column is =IF(B16="Home",F16-C10,IF(C16="Home",F16-C10))

Then I'm lost from there... The next column is what I'm allowed to be reimbursed after starting/ending at home (versus what I actually traveled).

--If my Miles Traveled are less than or equal to my normal miles commuting to work, then the value of Miles to be Reimbursed should be 0 and not show a negative # or FALSE.

--If nothing is entered in From/To cells, the reimbursed cell should be 0 or blank.