Workflow - Add a condition to Move Row / Data Shuttle move instead of delete


So, I'm trying to write a workflow that will move rows not updated / added from a Data Shuttle import. I've added a custom expression that adds a helper column with a "1" if the row is added or modified. That part works great. Moving the rows not touched is the problem. I created the workflow below which I'm now learning has the wrong logic. The current workflow only runs on a single row when the row has changed AND the condition is met. What I want is "whenever a change is made to the sheet, MOVE all rows that meet the condition". The condition should be after the action. Do the action on rows that meet the condition. Any thoughts on how a can reconfigure my process?

I guess if Data Shuttle had an option to "move rows in target to another sheet" that are not in the source, this wouldn't be an issue. Has anyone solved this another way?

Another helpful item would be to call workflows from formulas. If cell value is xx then Workflow[myworkflow]. Why is that not a thing??

Appreciate all your help for a newbie!


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    My suggestion would be a Sheet Summary field with a formula that pulls the most recent date from both the Created Date and the Modified Date. This will tell you when the sheet was last updated (assuming only the DataShuttle updates the sheet). You could then have a helper column that flags rows that are less than the sheet summary field which means they were not added or changed during the last DataShuttle update, and have your Move Row automation trigger based on this column becoming flagged.

  • Scott ONeal

    @Paul Newcome - Thanks for the help. I've been working on your solution all day. It seems when the Data Shuttle updates the sheet it changes the modified time stamp for every row, even the ones that were not on the uploaded file. I'm still using the custom expression in the Dat Shuttle to identify which rows were updated so I can see rows not updated but have a changed modified system date.