Dashboard Bar Chart - Duration by Resource


We use very basic project sheets using columns task name, duration, start, finish, assigned to and status. Our task durations are mostly specified in hour or minutes, but occasionally in days.

I am trying to create a simple dashboard with a few charts but having difficulties.

Chart 1 - Bar Chart - Total Duration (in hours) by Resource

Chart 2 - Bar Chart - Total Remining Duration (in hours) by Resource (tasks where status not equal to complete)

Is the first problem that you can use the Duration column as a number? I have read numerous articles about helper columns but have not found one that works to convert duration (regardless of being specified in hours, minutes or days) to hours.

In the dashboard chart widget, for columns included, it defaults to All columns, no matter what i try to change it to I get the error "The selected columns cannot be charted"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.