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I have several widgets on a dashboard that are linked to some metrics from another sheet. I am able to change the formatting of the linked data on the dashboard (ie font type/size/bold etc)

However, I'm able to change the formatting on the dashboard of only one widget (It's a function output linked from the metrics sheet) -It is not dissimilar to any other links numbers) I discovered that if I change the formatting on the source metric sheet (ie font collour/back ground fill/size), the formatting is replicated on the dashboard widget.

I've no idea why this one cell is different to all the others -perhaps I inadvertently changed a setting?

Appreciate if anyone is aware of this functionality and how it is activated


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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee
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    Hi @Tim Dowden

    Within Metric Widgets, if you click on a specific cell field you can choose the option to apply the Sheet Formatting or not. It's the little paint roller icon in the formatting window, here:

    Note that you need to click on this inside the widget, versus editing it from the right hand tab. Here's more information on formatting a Metric Widget.



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