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Hello everyone,

I've cloned (copy/pasted) some widgets on my Dashboard but I'm unable to edit the data source for each widget. This is my method: - can anyone notice what I'm missing?

Hover over the widget and click the 3 dots on the top right

Select edit and a new pain opens on the right

Under "data source" click the link "Change"

Navigate to the metrics sheet and select the cell I want to link and click "OK"

This takes me back to the dashboard, - I save and unfortunately the cell in the widget never updates

Curse and repeat 😫

What am I missing? I'd appreciate if someone can put me out of my misery 🙂



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  • Tim Dowden
    Tim Dowden ✭✭
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    Hi everyone

    This is just to close the loop in case anyone refences this thread- Thanks to Andree and the Smartsheet Support team who provided this resolution. Your responses were impressively fast !! 😊

    Issue: unable to edit Dashboard Widget link

    Resolution: The new link was being added correctly but was hidden due to my widgets compressed size. (adding a new link gets appended to an existing link so if the widget is small, the new link may not be visible )

    Further comment: Expanding the widget to view a newly added link may change the layout of the other widgets on the dashboard. (Quite annoying) As a suggested work around : 1st added the new link, and then delete the existing/old one. The newly added linked data is then visible.

    Thanks again to the Support team and Andree.