IF/AND statements in Smartsheet with unparseable error

Sherry L
Sherry L ✭✭
edited 08/09/21 in Formulas and Functions

Can using ranges from another sheet work when attempting to use IF/AND statements in Smartsheet? For example:

=IF(AND({Disclosure Test Range 1} = TODAY(), {Disclosure Name} = "Name of Item Needed", {Disclosure Test Range 2}, {Disclosure Test Range 1}))

I am currently getting a #unparseable error and I think it is based on requesting to return multiple conditions for whole column ranges and not a specific cell. Basically what the formula states is if the date in a column equals today's date and is equal to a specific disclosure name, if true then return the associated comment, otherwise if false return the date. Anyone have a suggestion or am I thinking about this wrong? I also attempted the INDEX and COLLECT functions in other formulas trying to accomplish the same and received #unparseable as well.



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