Project Provisioning into its own workspace

Bryan Long
Bryan Long ✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

I have a question regarding provisioning a project into a work space using control center and tiles.

Here is the scenario

Lets say I offer 10 different project types. So I have 10 different workspaces that then can get created specifically for a client based on what project type they purchase.

Client purchases project type B.

I have some kind of intake sheet that my team then fills out and says things like.

Business Name, ID, Project Type = B, Contacts are - [email protected] and [email protected]

Two questions I have.

  1. Can I make control center then create that WorkSpace with the Project Type B template and Grant Bryan and Stacy access to it?
  2. Can I it then be setup to input certain data into sheets... For example if on 2 sheets I have a place for the clients name, can I make it put the client name in that spot since I put it on the intake sheet before the workspace was provisioned? And if I had other items on that intake sheet could I make it put that data or check a box on the sheets once the project gets provisioned?

Reason I am asking is right now I'm copying the templates, then going to my "master" sheet I have inside of the workspace folders, and putting in that clients name and contacts... which then if i put them on the master sheet it goes to all the other sheets/reports etc.. Looking to streamline it a bit more.