Project Plan with hour:min level predecessor

Bryan Moss
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I have searched through several other posts and I have not been able to find anything related.

I have a use case for an hour-by-hour plan that will happen all within a single weekend. (Project cutover). I want to be able to update a start time and end time column based on a duration of 15m, or 1h, etc. I can use the minute or hour duration but I cannot find a way to have it update dependencies at an hour:minute level.

Example: I have task#1 that starts at 8PM and is 1hr duration to end at 9PM. I have a dependency task#2 that starts at 9PM and ends at 11PM. If I change task#1 to 9PM I would like have task#2 update to 10PM start automatically.

I suspect I could create a time formula to add time but it would be pretty tedious.

Does anyone have thoughts/ideas if you want an hour-by-hour project plan to update the time of the dependency tasks?

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