Call ups and reminders

edited 09/12/23 in Smartsheet Basics

We are residential builders and I am trying to set reminders for call ups. For some reason I am not able to access dynamic reminders, where I can choose how many days prior to the task I want the reminder.

Just wondering how other people do this or do you have the same problem?


  • Stephanie Viers

    Hi Leann,

    First of all, are you the Owner or Admin of the Sheet? You will need to be to set up Automations.

    When you go to set up the Automation, make sure it's set to "When a date is reached" and then change "On" to the number of days before or after that you want. Then make sure to choose the Date field you want this based off of.

    If you are still running into trouble, I recommend submitting a case to our Support Team at

    Hope this helps!


    Stephanie Viers, Lead Customer Success Manager - Construction