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I've searched the community for questions/answers about this, and while I've found posts that were started with someone having this issue, I do not see if what someone proposed (e.g., restart browser, check network settings) made any difference. I've tried these, and they don't fix the problem.

I have a sheet with 1000+ rows and with columns many that pull data from other sheets or have formulas. I've used this sheet for a year or so. I made edits on Friday, and it saved fine, multiple times during the day.

Now, I make any edit (even changing a column name just as a test), and it takes longer to save, and I end up getting the following message:

We are sorry, Smartsheet is unable to save your recent changes.

Please click on the Sheet button on the left of your sheet, select Refresh, and then select Don't Save to revert to the previous version of your sheet. When changing many values in a sheet, click save periodically to avoid this issue.

Is there something up with the Smartsheet server? Or is there something else I need to check on my end to get my sheet to save?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Art Schneiderheinze

    All systems are currently operational for Smartsheet (see our Status page, here).

    Based on your description, it sounds like this sheet could be experiencing issues due to the size and number of cross sheet formulas. I would recommend reviewing this Help Article to see if there are ways you can reduce the complexity of your sheet: Issue: Smartsheet Is Slow to Load or Save

    You may also want to try creating a copy of the sheet with Save as New. If this copy runs without an issue, it could be that the historical data in the previous sheet (activity log & cell history) were adding to the complexity over time.

    If none of this has helped, please reach out to Smartsheet Support with screen captures of your issue, along with the sheet name, URL, if anyone else shared to the sheet is experiencing the same message, and a list of the browsers you have tried.



  • Sarita Sah

    @Genevieve P. and @Paul Newcome I have a similar story, I recently joined an organization which is not using many automated tool but they use Smartsheet. I had to learn this to make my reports and dashboards. Now when I have learned Smartsheet and have created couple of sheets which I am using for multiple dashboards. I was so happy with the performance and the fact that I learned Smartsheet and was good to move sheets and reports from excel and Power BI to Smartsheet but then this disappointment. 😫

    My sheet with historical data take a lot of time to save and load and now showing the error that art has mentioned above. Severe problem is with Dashboard which is giving error with every save action. It was saving earlier with multiple try but not saving the edits in the dashboard anymore. Its a lot of re-work to move back to excel now. I understand the dasboard is little heavy with 4-5 pages and sourced with a sheet having multiple formulas but there should be a solution to have such heavy dashboard, this is what we need.