Can I change who an update request appears to be coming from, or send one on behalf of a teammate?

Hello, I have a database of recruiting information that I want to update for the coming academic year. There is a column for the recruiter email, and I'd like to send an update request to the email contact in each row, but I'd like for that update request to look like it's coming from the member of my team that manages the relationship (the relationship owner is another email contact column in the grid). Is there a way to do this?

Related question: I just ran a test update request, and it looks like the update request is coming from team member A, who created the sheet, even though team member B actually triggered the update request. If I can't code the update request to make it look like it's coming from a contact listed in the row, then can I at least change the default "sender" info back to me without having to create a new sheet and copy all of the data into the new sheet?

Would love a quick response if possible - I need to find a way to get 250 update requests sent (correctly) as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!